Carrion Crown - 42 Ale House Group

The Haunting of Harrowstone

The Professor's Will


Professor Lorrimor passed away. That’s how it started for the group. Letters were sent to them all, telling them that their friend passed, and that they were named in the will. So, they all came to Ravengro to pay their respects, or find out whether or not they were going to be rich.

Things didn’t start well. A group of townsfolk greeted them as they carried the casket, trying to stop the funeral. Luckily cooler heads prevailed, and the group dispersed before it came to blows. The funeral proceeded, and the will was read. The group would indeed get rich, after they spent a month in Ravengro, ensuring that Kendra Lorrimor was settled, and then delivered several tomes to the professor’s colleagues in Lepistadt.

When the group found the books, they were indeed books that studied evil subjects, except for the professor’s ledger. It detailed an evil much closer to home. The Whispering Way was up to something in Ravengro, and more specifically Harrowstone, the old burned down prison on the outskirts of town. The last entry dated the day of the professor’s death stated he was going to investigate a ritual the Whispering Way was performing on the building foundations.

This all left the group curious. Who were the Whispering Way? What was so interesting up at Harrowstone? What did the Professor have to do with any of it? At least they had a month to figure out what the answers could be…



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