Carrion Crown - 42 Ale House Group

The Prison


14 Neth, Sunday

The heroes visited the Prison, finally. Their resolve is admirable, and I eagerly await the results of their forays into to the ruin. The rogue continues to prove resourceful if not amusing. After the spirits of the place slammed doors in her face, she quickly and quietly removed them from their hinges after the cleric doused them with holy water.
They managed to avoid or overcome most of the spirit’s attempts to snare them, but the spiders in the church almost finished two of them, the rogue and the archer. Odd one there. He uses a bow, but I think is destined for something different, it’s…intriguing and worth watching.
They found the warden’s wife. Well what was left of her, anyway, and the remnants of what she was. The echo of what she once was. The spirit spoke to the group, detailing the events that happened there, so many years ago, and even gave them advice on how to end the haunting. It should be interesting to see if they can. She also saw the Way working their magic on the place, and figured out that her husband’s spirit is now missing. Oh, the five want out, to turn Ravengro into a ghost town, literally.
These heroes have done well so far, but then, they haven’t really run into any of the five, and don’t know how to use the items they’ve found. I think I will watch and see with great interest. They…interest me.



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