Carrion Crown - 42 Ale House Group

Strangers in Town


The group is interesting to say the least. There are times when I wonder whether they are more likely to be dangerous to their enemies, or to each other, but they are effective.

In the few days after the will was read, the group began investigating the town, trying to make sense of the Professor’s death. I think they begin to suspect that there was something else involved, other than simply a statue falling on him. I am beginning to agree. His death remains shrouded even from my vision.

It did not start out well for the group. The townfolk are a distrustful lot, more likely to run you out of town than they are to give you any information about the town. The group did not let this deter them though, and began their investigations into the town, the mysterious group The Whispering Way, and the old prison, Harrowstone. I was surprised how quickly they found information, and even more suprised by their methods. The Hunter and the Paladin used the professor’s books and studies to find information about the Way, gathering bits and pieces and cobbling together what the could about the necromancers. The soft spoken 1/2 orc sought out the temple of Pharasma. Belying his kind’s nature, he spoke wisely, and with compassion, and was able to convince them of the group’s well meaning ways. He found where the tomb was that the Professor’s journal mentioned. What tools for fighting spirits were in the tomb, and why would the professor need them? He would gather some of the others and find out shortly enough.

The little rogue found a more interesting way of gathering her knowledge. A late night visit to the Town Hall revealed much about Harrowstone, and she was careful to try and keep her visit a secret. Did she get everything back in place, I wonder?

The Ranger and Wizard both started in the Inn chasing rumors, and the Wizard spoke at length with Zokar, learning bits and pieces about the town, the Way, and spending freely, which always makes people more grateful. The Ranger spoke with some of the local farmers and spent his helping on the farms. Farmers always appreciate help from a trusty hand, and the Ranger proved he was just that. The farmers began to warm to him, and that will go far in gaining them trust. As the day grew long, the two teamed up again, to discover the truth about the rumor of disappearing merchants, who may have wound up in the stew. To their relief, they found nothing but normal meat in the Laughing Demon’s larder.

The 1/2 orc Cleric gathered the Paladin and the Hunter to investigate the tomb, and to their surprise, found that the tomb had already had a visitor. The Hunter was able to follow the tracks once inside, and by her estimation, it was probably Professor Lorrimor who left the tracks behind. These tracks led to a few discoveries. First, the tomb was oddly empty. A place where the faithful of Pharasma were supposedly interred, there were no bodies in any of the niches. Second, they found a sarcophagus with several items that would appear to be for fighting spirits, rather than a body. Third, they found that the tomb was not vermin proof. Two giant centipedes attacked, and one managed to snack on the Cleric’s leg, before the Paladin created many centipede parts. Taking the tools with them, they met up with their compatriots back at the Lorrimor house, where they identified the spirit fighting tools. Chief among these were the Spirit Planchette, and Haunt Siphons. The first of which they used in an effort to gain some insight from the spirits. On the two following nights they asked the spirits for guidance, and they were warned to “Stop the Five”, and that none of the five remained alive.

On the day after their treasure finding, the group split during the day again. Several going to the temple of Pharasma to research the Five, the Ranger again working the farms (and the people of the town), and the Hunger and Rogue going to visit the Harrowstone Memorial.

The first group found little information on the Five, only able to find information on Father Charlatan, but it was information they did not have until then.

The Hunter and the Rogue found a curious sight at the memorial. A crowd grew all exclaiming about some desecration that was done to the memorial. The two found blood splashed on the memorial, a the letter “V” painted in blood on the statue’s foundation. Even more curious was the trail the Hunter found, leading directly to an old shack, which they found belonged to an old ‘friend’, Gibs. Suspicious though it was, the Sherriff quickly let them know that until they put the blood in Gibs’ hands, there simply wasn’t enough evidence to lock the man up.

I will continue to watch. It appears the group may have stumbled upon something more than a simple funeral and will.



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