Carrion Crown - 42 Ale House Group

Strange Happenings


9, Neth 4715, Toilday

The heroes, and I think I can call them that now, continue to pick at the ravel of the mystery, and add to their understanding of Ravengro and Harrowstone. They know about the Five, and the fire in the prison, but will they unravel what is really going on? I fear they will not, and the true villains will prevail. It would not matter them after that, since they would have all perished, but Ravengro and Ustalav would never be the same. But I get ahead of myself.

They are doing well, and have gained the city’s trust now, and even were invited to the town meeting to calm people’s nerves about the odd goings on about town. It speaks well of them that the heroes (I still have questions about that title for them) were able to accomplish becoming trusted in a little over a week’s time. Most adventurers lack the amount of respect this group is showing, and it has served them well. They would do well to hold on to that humility as time goes on. The priest and the mage even volunteered to teach the young of the town about magic.

The Huntress threw caution to the wind and attempted the use of the planchette herself, and something went wrong. The Splatter Man found her to be certain, and only the timely intervention of her friends stopped him in time. I fear what would have happened if he, if it, had been able to finish spelling her name. But this is beyond that. There is something there, something that I can’t quite see, but for now, her friends seem to have spared her anything dastardly. Care must be taken with these things, they trifle with things they cannot fathom!
10, Neth, Wealday
The monument was desecrated again, with a bloody “E” this time. The group thinks that whatever it is that’s doing this is spelling out the warden’s wife’s name, Vesorianna. I find that to be a sound assumption. The roguish one and the Paladin went to the monument, and the rogue made a guess about where the trail would lead, and told them that the trail led to
Gibs’ house. They found a razor and bloody wineskin in the woodpile near Gibs’ shack, and ran to fetch the Sherriff. Gibs once again proclaimed his innocence, and ignorance of how those things got there. Neither the Sherriff nor the Paladin sensed any deception, but the Sherriff granted that he would have a deputy stay and watch Gibs’ house

Things were quiet for the next day or two, much to the dismay of the rogue and ranger, who both stayed up over the nights to watch the monument. The mage and cleric made their appearance at the school, and while the children came away with a better understanding of divine and arcane magic, I’ve a feeling they are more impressed with the flashier magic of the arcane kind. The third night, the night before the town hall, the quiet changed. Both the rogue and ranger spotted a figure making his way to the monument, carrying a war razor and skin, laden with some liquid. Both feared they knew what was in the skin. Their fears would soon be realized. Gibs spotted them in their hiding spot, and with a voice not his own yelled that “You shall not prevent our escape! The woman will die again!” No one is quite sure who Gibs meant, but the group thinks Gibs meant Vesorianna, the Warden’s wife. Why Gibs thinks she would need to die again though, remains a mystery.

13, Neth, Starday

The night of the town meeting. The group prepared for the meeting and rested during this day, waiting to address the town. People filed into the building, eager to hear solutions for the odd happenings in the town. The council started and very shortly announced that the adventurers were going to investigate the problems and find a solution, but nothing more would be discussed that night. Lamps throughout the room burst, spewing oil and flames throughout the crowd. The heroes were quick to act though, and through sheer determination and will got the people moving towards the door. Several of the group set about trying to put out the flames, but the flames seemed to have a mind of their own. As if that were not bad enough, several burning skulls flew through the windows of the town hall, intent on attacking anyone left. The paladin and cleric made quick work of them, but diversion was enough, and the group had to escape the burning building before they too were consumed in the flames. The building was a complete loss, but their quick thinking made sure that all of the people of the town were able to escape. Now more than ever, the town turned to the strangers, some looking hopeful and beseeching, others with blame in their eyes. Why had this happened to their town, and why now? The group was determined now, more than ever, to find out what was at the bottom of the town’s misfortune. They turned their sight towards Harrowstone, for they knew the answer lay in that ruined prison…



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