Carrion Crown - 42 Ale House Group

Ghanima's Journal

Freaks & Monsters

Dear Diary

The paladin seems to think she’s the boss of the group. Imagine that, ordering me where to go and what to do? Oh, the look on her face, PRICELESS! She thought she could keep an eye on me. And then, she realizes I’ve slipped away and she’d been watching a stranger for 5 minutes! I’m sure they went off to that library or whatever. I’m more interested in finding out about this monster they’re going to burn. Something seems odd, all of the stories about what it’s done sound . . . vague. I tried to get into the courthouse to take a look, maybe even talk to it. Too many guards wandering around in there. I’ll try to befriend some of the guards. Maybe get one of them to let me in to see it. But for tonight, an inn. A place to sleep without holier-than-thou companions chanting and praying and meditating constantly. A nice tavern where I can listen to gossip and find some . . . interesting . . . locals.

On the Road
Dear Diary,

The freak show invited us to travel with them to Lepidstat. As deals go, I can’t complain. Those few nights of sleeping in a tent, ON THE GROUND, do not bear thinking on. I know I wanted adventure, but I wanted adventure with a well appointed room to rest in at the end of the day. Lepidstat seems to be a decent city. Certainly more fun than little Ravengro. It looks like Goliath won’t enter. Something about Erastil not liking cities. Fair enough. I left the cold weather and camping stuff with him & the wagon at the freak show. Back in a city gives me some opportunities to play.

On the Road
Dear Diary,

We ran across a traveling freak show today. Poor fools, if they couldn’t defend themselves from the horrors of this land, I don’t see why they were traveling on the back roads. Or at least travel in groups. They let that deformed tiny head girl go off by herself to gather water. I can’t imagine any of the water in the swamp being worth the effort. Off we went, searching for her. We had the promise of payment up front, and well worth the trouble of a bite. A spider that disappeared at will. Neat trick, wish that I’d picked it up when it bit me. Anyhow, we brought back the corpse of the girl and the ringmaster still gave me the dagger. Pretty solid of him. I thought he would refuse and I’d have to lift it later. The half-orc of course tried to refuse to take it. He even tried to pay for it! If he wants to throw his own money away like that I won’t object. Ringmaster refused though.

Now I have two daggers that seem to have magical qualities. I’m starting to wonder what it was about that bloody handaxe that I found so compelling. It did a great job in the prison, true. But I feel like it’s a bit too conspicuous for city work. If we ever get to a city. Not sure what to expect of Lepidstat.

On the Road
Dear Diary,

I can’t sleep. I kept expecting we’d find a mage or sorcerer near the prison. Casting illusions or something. I figured the town was about to get hit by a right convincing con. But now, I keep seeing flaming skulls when I try to sleep. The professor tried to convince me all those gods were real. I thought it was just proof he was a gullible fool.

Dear Diary,

Hopefully my letter and its contents make it back to Caliphas. I paid the messenger enough to do an honest job of it, but you never know. If I find he didn’t deliver it, well, let’s just say I have a memory for faces.

If I’d realized we were going to be traveling cross country, I might not have sent as much back. Well, the supplies didn’t cost too much but I hate having less than 200 with me. Lepidstad might give me some opportunities to restock, as it were.

As usual, it was left to me to keep us from being robbed by the boatman outside Ravengro. He thought we would pay 15 gold each for the honor of his risky boat? Hah. And do I hear a word of thanks from the party for it? I half expected the paladin or that half-orc to insist on paying full price, plus a tip! At least Jaeger seems to appreciate the savings. Though I think he assumes we’ll use it on that boomstick of his.



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